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Scouting in Brackley, A Brief History

The present Scout Group in Brackley is the 5th Brackley Scout Group and as the name suggests there have been four Groups previously registered with the Scout Association. Sadly only 5thBrackley survives. A limited amount of history can be found by looking at the Scout Association archive and local records. These show:

1st Brackley registered in 1917 as an open Wolf Cub Pack with 1 leader and 12 Cubs meeting at an address in Banbury Road. In 1927 a Scout Troop was registered with 2 Scouters and 20 Scouts meeting at Wheatsheaf House. In 1928 the Pack and Troop Groups became 1st Brackley Scout Group with 2 Scouters, 20 Scouts and 12 Wolf Cubs. The closure date is unclear.

2nd Brackley Scout Group registered in 1928 at Winchester House School, High Street, Brackley catering for boy boarders at the school of Cub and Scout ages. Closed early to mid 1990’s.

3rd Brackley Scout Group registered in 1930 at Magdalen College School with 1 Scouter, 8 Scouts and 4 Rover Scouts. The closure date is unclear.

4th Brackley Scout Group registered in 1932 at the Council Senior School with 1 Scouter, 10 Scouts and 1 Rover Scout. The closure date is unclear.

5th Brackley Scout Group (No. 30822) registered on the 17th September 1953 as a Church of England (St. Peters Church) sponsored Group with 1 Scouter and 12 Wolf Cubs meeting at the Church Institute Hall, Halse Road, Brackley.

In 1959 quite a few changes took place. In May the Scout Group changed from C of E sponsorship to an “Open” Group and local records show on the 14th November an opening ceremony took place with the moving of the Group to its present Scout head quarters, off of Beaumont Crescent on leasing building and land from the now defunct Brackley Borough Council.

In 1960 Scouts appear on the census figures for the first time, in 1963 Senior Scouts and in 1968 Venture Scouts. In 1967 records show the Scout Troop changed to an Air Scout Troop to encourage new activities and presumably new members. It is unclear when it reverted back to a “land based” Scout Troop.

Census returns also show the Group had 2 Cub Scout Packs in 1981 and 3 in 1982. When it reverted to the existing 2 Packs is unclear. A Beaver Scout Colony was opened in 1988, one of the first in Northamptonshire, and a second Colony opened in 1991 to cater for the large amount of interest. In January 1991 the existing large Scout Troop split into two separate entities, Hurricanes and Spitfires. Spitfires taking girls into the Scout section for the first time, a land mark decision. Now of course girls are able to join any of the sections.

In 1984 the Group adopted its present knecker colours of yellow back ground with green border.

5th Brackley is part of a Scout District. In 1991 the Brackley District ceased to exist and became a part of the newly formed Hazelborough Scout District by amalgamating with Towcester District. In 2005 the Scout District changed yet once again with Hazelborough joining with parts of the Northampton Districts to form a South Northants District called Grafton Scout District. Which is true to this day.