Subs, Capitation Fees and Gift Aid



Since the early days of Scouting, “Subs” have been the main way of funding the Movement. Subs tend to be paid termly in advance by Beaver, Cub and Scout parents, mainly by electronic banking payments through Online Scout Manager.

Subs are used in 3 ways:                                                                                 1)  To help pay for the running of the Group. This includes the cost of running and maintaining the Scout Hall ie payment of Electricity, Heating Oil, Internet, Property Insurance, Basic Maintenance and Cleaning.

2) Payment of an Annual Capitation fee –  the annual membership fee required for each member to belong to the Scout Association and to go to District, County and Scouting HQ for their costs. The Scouting Association insures us for activities we all undertake.

3)  To help cover the cost of running weekly meetings, the activities we do and the badges our members earn. It does not pay Leaders, we are not paid, just volunteers!  Activities are run not to make a profit, but not to make a loss either. If there is any surplus at the end of the activity or event, then the Leaders may use the extra funds to reduce the cost of another activity or Camps. Unfortunately Subs do not necessarily fund the cost of camps or maybe more ambitious activities we do during the year.



We try to fund raise at 5th Brackley to help subsidise the Subs, keeping them low, Some groups just rely on subs alone BUT  their subs are considerably much, much higher.

The Group undertakes various fund raising activities during the year, and support from members and their families at these events is always appreciated. It is this additional fundraising which helps keep our Subs low. 

Please support us with our Fundraising efforts to enable us to keep 5th Brackley Scout Group subs as low as possible and fill in a Gift Aid declaration form. The form can be downloaded below.  Once filled in it can be returned to the relevant leader.  Thank you